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CorelDraw Recovery Kit – an all-in-one solution for quick and reliable recovery of CorelDraw drawings from damaged CDR files

CorelDraw Recovery Kit

CorelDraw Recovery Kit helps to fix errors in the CDR files of all versions.

CorelDraw Recovery Kit is compact, fast and powerful Corel Draw corrupt file recovery software created for users who don’t know how to recover Corel Draw file data after file system crashes, virus attacks, hardware malfunctions and interrupted file downloads. Featuring an ultimately powerful file analysis engine based on a set of advanced algorithms, the software is capable of recovering drawings from files seriously damaged in various data corruption incidents: from interrupted downloads and hard drive failures to file system errors and virus attacks.

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Main features of Corel Draw Recovery Kit:

  • Fast and hassle-free recovery of data from damaged Corel Draw *.cdr files for users who don’t know how to recover from a corrupted Corel Draw file reading error
  • Integrated CDR file viewer with zooming and panning support
  • Clear and intuitive wizard-driven user interface that requires no previous recovery experience
  • Automatic transfer of recovered data to Corel Draw (must be installed on the user’s system at the time of recovery)
  • Automatic detection of the version of the file being recovered and saving in a corresponding file format
  • Possibility to send a damaged file to the program developers for manual analysis and recovery
  • The program if a perfect choice for inexperienced users who don’t know how to recover Corel Draw files corrupted due to software or hardware problems.
  • Unparalleled speed and accuracy of the analytical core of this Corel Draw recovery software make it a great choice for professionals.

If you need a truly efficient solution for Corel Draw data recovery, waste no time and follow this Corel Draw file recovery software download link:

Disclaimer: please mind that CorelDraw Recovery Kit is not open source software or a free tool of any sort. This is a regular product, like many others, with a free trial version that has a single functional limitation that is removed after registration. The program is not provided under the GNU General Public License (GPL) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The software development team of All Recovery Inc did their best to make this program a truly efficient product capable of helping users in the overwhelming majority of data corruption cases, and we, therefore, are not interested in distributing it as a free tool. We have, however, made its price reasonably low and affordable for everyone.


  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 and above
  • CorelDraw 10 or later installed

Please select a damaged CDR file on first page of repair wizard in CorelDraw Recovery Kit:

Press Analyze button:

On second page you can preview a recovered drawing. You move, rotate and zoom image by use keys and mouse.

Press Start recovery button to export drawing into CorelDraw directly:

File selection

Preview of recoverable content

Passing the file to CorelDraw

Recovery log